Adventure Island Dodgems 

Dodgem at adventure island is a kind of bumper cars. People can use it in adventure island, amusement park, playground, funfair etc. Nowadays adventure island dodgems are popular around the world. This kind of dodgem ride for sale can bring a lot of fun to people of all ages. Meanwhile bumper cars for sale is a sunrise industry for a long time in the future. Furthermore, playing adventure island dodgems can be a wild affair for kids and adults.

adventure bumper cars for sale 2019
Adventure Bumper Cars For Sale 2019

Mini Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019
Mini Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019

LED Adventure Dodgems For Sale
LED Adventure Dodgems For Sale

Bumper car ride technical specification


Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Bumper Car Videos

3 favorite adventure island dodgems in 2019

Dinis adventure island dodgems have different kinds of bumper cars in 2019, indoor dashing cars, outdoor dodging cars, etc. However, according to market survey, there are three favorite types in Dinis, spin zone dodgems, laser tag dodgems for sale, and drift bumper cars.

Spin zone dodgems for sale Dinis 2019

The spin zone battery dodgems are no “ expensive electric floor “ required. They can keep running on wood, concrete, asphalt, or even ice. Meanwhile, the spin zone experience will include another and energizing appreciation for your activity. It can raise and expand the economic value. Therefore, spin zone dodgems is the “ following great bump” for your business.

Laser tag dodgems at adventure island 2019

According to the development of fashion, playing adventure island dodgems is optional needs for kids and adults. To some extent, laser tag dodgem is additionally accessible as a versatile fascination. Furthermore, it has been an immense accomplishment in an assortment of business sectors. In 2019, this kind of adventure island dodgem will become more and more popular.

Drift bumper cars for sale

Do you want to have adventure experience? Drifting bumper car is an exciting amusement rides with colorful light and nice music. Passengers can operate drift lever to make car drifting. And we also install broke and accelerograph to give person amazing driving experience. Meanwhile it is easy to operate and control remotely. It has a lot of advantage than others and adds new functions. People are easy to love it.

ice adventure dodgems for sale 2019
Ice Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019


Amazing Laser Tag Adventure Dodgems
Amazing Laser Tag Adventure Dodgems

Drift Adventure Dodgems For Sale Dinis
Drift Adventure Dodgems For Sale Dinis

Shocking adventure island dodgems make you excited 2019

The earliest bumper cars has appeared in 1910s. the traditional ceiling network dodgems need ceiling and floor to support power at the same tine, the car has to connect the ceiling with a high pole, it looks not beautiful. However, now Dinis has produced new dodgems to attract people to enjoy life. Shocking adventure island dodgems are one of the most popular around the world for dashing appearance and amazing functions. In 2019, adventure island dodgems will be new attractions in arena, especially for family. They can make young children and adult happy and excited. To some extent, this kind of dodgem ride for sale can be a great money maker. For passenger and boss, they are excited.

Amazing Floor Adventure Dodgems for sale 2019
Amazing Floor Adventure Dodgems for sale 2019

Popular New Bumper Cars for Sale Dinis

Floor-Grid Bumper Car for Sale Dinis

Characteristic of Dinis adventure island dodgems for sale

  • Optional various bright colors and beautiful dashing lights
  • Customized appearance, shape and size according to customers’ needs
  • Optional electric (floor grid bumper cars and ceiling bumper cars), battery and inflatable types
  • Advanced manufacturing process and professional technology
  • High quality materials and high safe structure design. It can protect passengers from danger.
  • Great performance with cheap price and make big profits
  • Simple structure and easy to operate, meanwhile it can control remotely
  • Wild application in amusement park, adventure island, fairground, square, shopping mall, all kinds of carnival parties etc.


Instruction Of Inflatable Dodgems 2019
Instruction Of Inflatable Dodgems 2019


Introduction Of Adventure Dodgems
Introduction Of Adventure Dodgems


Types of Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019
Types of Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019

Why dodgems are fascinating at adventure island?

There are three reasons for this questions.

Firstly, as a businessman, dodgems at adventure island can help them make big profits. Because this kind of industry has a low cost. Meanwhile, you can get returns as soon as possible.

Secondly, this kind of games is very stimulating. People want to have excited experience in their daily life. Therefore, adventure island is the best place for them.

Finally, there are a lot of children and adults to play games and enjoy happy time. Meanwhile, it is suitable for family to have a happy weekend.

High Quality Vintage Dodgems For Sale 2019
High Quality Vintage Dodgems For Sale 2019

Transformers Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019
Transformers Adventure Dodgems For Sale

Vintage Dodgems popular 2019
Vintage Dodgems Popular 2019

About bumper car FAQ

As passengers or businessman, before you buy or play bumper cars, you will have a lot of questions to ask.

  • What kind of certificates did you provide for USA?
  • CE certification, we have many American customer, share American customers’ memo, billing list of loading, feedback etc.
  • Does it have a indicator showing how much power in battery is left?
  • When the battery is not powered, the speed of bumper car will very slow, then you need to charge it.
  • Can you provide me with some information about charging the cars?
  • Yes, according to the needs of customers, providing costumers with voltage, plug
  • What about the warranty?
  • Lifetime warranty. 1 year free warranty for mechanical parts, 6 months free warranty for electrical parts.
  • How often batteries will need to be replaced?
  • It depends on the you use situation, normally is 2-3 years. This kind of battery, it is normal battery, you also can find and purchase it in your country.

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