Kids bumper cars for sale is a kind of bumper cars for kids. It is famous for small size in Jinshan. Most of them  are powered by battery. They are very safe and convenient for kids to ride. we can divide them into a lot of types according to different manners. For example, according to the design of its appearance, there are cartoon, animal, different kinds of kids bumper cars in Jinshan. But they are popular in the world and appeal to kids deeply. They are suitable for amusement parks, carnival parties for kids, entertainment center or some theme park. We will offer you good-quality products with low price and best service.

The classification of kids bumper cars for sale in Jinshan

Jinshan is a big company for amusement equipment in Zhengzhou. Our company has produced all kind of kids bumper cars. So we can divide them into three kinds definitely, UFO dashing ridesbumper car mini, inflatable bumper car.

Hot attractive kids battery operated UFO bumper cars

Hot battery kids bumper cars in Jinshan is loved by children for its small UFO size. Kids can turn all directions easily. They can make kids excited like they are in real space.

Battery operated mini kids bumper cars

According to its appearance, we can divide them into three kinds generally: cartoon, animals, real car. For their cartoon figures, there are many different kinds of dodgem rides for sale. For example, Mickey mouse mini dodging car, Donald duck kids small size bumper cars, Thomas mini-type bumper cars and so on. For their appearance of animals, we can divide them into two kinds, like snail shape and pig shape. Finally, we can design them from  different kinds of real cars. However, people fall in love with mini bumper rides.

Inflatable bumper cars for kids

Inflatable dodging cars can remote control. Therefore when children ride on it, you can control his or her safety. They are made of best grade material and the latest technology in different size for our customers.They are favorite by all kids.

Amusement parks near me bumper cars for kids

Amusement parks bumper cars for kids are a kind of bumper cars which can be used in amusement park. And it belongs to kids bumper cars which is a popular adults and kids electric bumper cars for kids. Meanwhile, there are many bumper cars to sit in and play for bumper cars for kids parties. Here people can play different kinds of dodgems, such as motorized bumper cars for kids, outdoor bumper cars for kids , vintage bumper cars for little kids, inflatable bumper cars for kids and so on. In a word, those dodgems for sale are a part of electric bumper cars for little kids and popular around the world.

Kids playground equipment indoor play kids bumper cars

Until now, this kind of kids riding bumper cars are very famous in China, especially in summer. Everyone wants to have a walk outside with their families. Go to kids playground is the best choice. Because the place can bring happy moments for them and enjoy themselves. In addition, it is a kind of self control kids bumper cars which is easy and safe to control and operate for kids activities. However, kids at home ride on indoor bumper cars is available. Therefore, buying kids bumper cars can bring you more interests.

Backyard ride on bumper cars for kids

Backyard bumper cars are a kind of bumper cars to play in your backyard. You can hold a bumper cars party in your backyard. Kids ride on bumper cars for home is very convenient for people to play and ride. Meanwhile it can help you to save more time to walk and drive. Finally, backyard ride on bumper cars for kids are suitable for the old and the young. Hope you can not miss this funny amusement equipment.

Tiger Kids Bumper Car For Sale

Kids Funfair Bumper Car
Kids Funfair Bumper Car

Mini Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019
Mini Adventure Dodgems For Sale 2019



Specification above is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Battery control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED

How much does it cost for kids bumper cars prices?

Kids bumper cars is a kind of popular adults and kids electric bumper cars for sale new. Now price of modern bumper cars for kids is 100% discount. You can purchase bumper cars for kids online or at our factory site. If you buy kids bumper cars online, we will send price list for amusement park ride to you and offer you list of games needed for amusement game park. At the same time, we provide fixed price with you. If you buy a large amount, we will give you a big discount. If you purchase dodgems at our factory site, you still have cheap price. In a word, kids bumper dodging cars price can be fixed by your needs and purchase quantity. Whichever we will send the attachment which is our bumper car price list and detail description to you, then you can know our products in detail.

On the other hand, the price of customized products is different from others, so if you want this kind of service, please send us your needs, like structure, material, color, appearance etc. Then bumper cars price for kids and adults will be decided. This is our price strategy. Hope you can understand, if you have any question, please email to us, we will reply as soon as possible.

Kids Battery Bumper Cars 2019
Kids Battery Bumper Cars 2019

New Funny Battery Bumper Cars 2019
New Funny Battery Bumper Cars 2019

Kids UFO Battery Bumper car rides
Kids UFO Battery Bumper car rides

Show that bumper cars rides for the kids at the state fair in Jinshan 2018

Jinshan welcomes you to visit anytime. There are different kinds of bumper cars to display, especially mini kids bumper cars. Kids and adults will be fond for those elecrtric bumper cars kids for dashing LED lights and unique music sound. If you are here, it will mean that an mysterious trip. You can have a try whether you are a kid or a adult. They all bring happiness to you. Meanwhile let you reduce the pressure form life and work. In a word, you can know a lot about electric dodgems value.

Hot Sale Kids Thomas Bumper Car

Tiger Kids Bumper car for Sale

UFO Battery Bumper Car

Fun places for kids to go to with bumper cars for them to ride

In a word, kids bumper cars main function is to make kids happy. It is very convenient to ride anywhere whether you are indoors or outdoors. Playing at the backyard is your main childhood memory. Backyards and streets ride on bumper cars for kids are more popular among neighborhoods. For example, we also can use those outdoor bumper cars for kids  in amusement park, funfair and etc. However, they can be used in game centers, market, shopping mall, carnival parties and so on. Now kids  can accept at home ride on indoor dodging cars easily over time. Parents can keep kids out of danger. There are many fun places to ride dodging car for sale. This is a good business in high return.

Sheep Kids Bumper Car for Sale

Top Mini Indoor Bumper Car Jinshan

Mini Bumper car for sale

What is the features of kids bumper cars?

Unique cartoon and animals appearance

By making imitation of cartoon and animals, portable dashing cars appeal to a lot of kids. They want to play and do sports. Therefore children can fully experience the joy of driving. At the same time, riding kids bumper cars for sale can improve children’s sense of direction and the ability of control.

Special and professional material

The surface of bumper cars for kids for sale which is manufactured by environmental protection FRP resin. It can make sure that the surface is smooth with bright color. These kind of material make the surface beautiful which can have a good safety performance.

High in return and low cost

kids bumper cars is not only a funny game for kids, but also a kind of sport to exercise children’s ability of self-control and physical coordination. Parents would like their kids to ride and play them. They are also in fashion over time. Jinshan can offer high-quality products with low price to you. It is easy to make more money for its high recycle rate.For business you will have a big profits.

New Type Dog Kids Battery Bumper Car for Sale

Mini Electric Bumper Car for Sale

Mini Bumper Car For Sale Jinshan
Mini Bumper Car For Sale Jinshan

Compared to others,what is the requirement of the site for kids bumper cars in Jinshan?

It is necessary to chose a flat and smooth place for use, a flat cement floor, a marble floor, a tile floor etc.

The area of  site is large enough to make kids bumper cars operated according to the numbers of dashing cars. However, using area of a dodging car is no more than 10 square meters and no less than 5 square meters.

There is no pool or ditch around the site in order to avoid damaging vehicles and dangerous accidents.

The operating site shall be well delineated with a special inflatable fence or guardrail to prevent the pedestrian from breaking into the site and getting hurt in the collision with the vehicle, so as to avoid economic losses.

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