Steel Bumper Cars for Sale

Steel bumper cars for sale is a  type of flat rides and power- driven amusement equipment. It is made of fiberglass and rubber tire. The equipment includes bumper cars and indoor space. Finally, we have a lot of products to meet your needs. Most of people, including all ages above 3, are like to play bumper car games for its thrilling scene and cheerful feel. At the same time, it is your bast investment on amusement product. There are high quality with low cost steel  bumper cars for sale in Jinshan Factory! Welcome to Email Us for Price List.

steel bumper cars for sale
Steel Bumper Cars For Sale

green steel dodgems for sale
Green Steel Dodgems For Sale

red steel dodgem for sale
Red Steel Dodgem For Sale

Bumper car ride technical specification


Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Classification of steel bumper cars for sale form Jinshan 2018

In the modern society, it is very common to see steel bumper cars for sale game because of the interesting and safe features. Generally speaking, it can be also called LED lights dodgems. Therefore we can divide steel bumper cars  for sale into three kinds according to classification of bumper cars, steel floor dashing cars, steel steel ceiling dashing cars and steel battery powered dodgems. There are many models for you to choose. Those dodgem cars for sale have good quality , safety performance is good.

Steel floor bumper cars 2018

Steel floor bumper car for sale in Jinshan belongs to a kind of steel bumper car rides. This kind of electric dodgem is so hot in Jinshan. People design it with ground grid or electric floor, seat, and safety belt. Nowadays, people can use them in different amusement cars, such as amusement park, theme park, the gate of a store and supermarket and backyard for individual utilization, etc. To be honest, steel floor bumper car is controlled by power. Obviously, you should take the customers’ safety into consideration.

Steel ceiling dashing cars for sale 2018

Obviously, steel ceiling dashing car is a kind of steel bumper car rides. Although it is one of the earliest amusement equipment in Jinshan, even in the world, it is popular among kids and adults. We can see the history of dodgems in the world.

Steel battery powered dashing cars for sale 2018

Steel battery powered dashing cars work by battery power. They are more and more popular around the world. It is easy to operate by themselves. Therefore, in terms of the investors, especially for a owner of amusement park, it is worthy investing. And Jinshan will be your best partner, contact us as soon as possible.

Indoor Dodgems For Sale 2019
Indoor Steel Dodgems For Sale 2019

sky-net bumper cars for sale
Sky-net Bumper Cars For Sale

battery powered dashing bumper for sale
Battery Powered Dashing Bumper For Sale

Best features of steel bumper cars for sale

Diversified designs:

Over the development of economic, the wold of market becomes dynamic. Different customers form different countries have different requirements, so our designers have produced different products according to the preference of clients.

Customized service:

Jinshan products can provide customized service, including sizes, seat capacity and decoration colors, different appearances, different music etc. If you have your own mind, please send us the design. Looking forward to receive your letters.

High safety performance:

Jinshan has used superior material and high technology to produce dodging cars, advanced audio, positioning, dashing lights etc. Those can make sure its high safety performance and people trend to interest in the inspiring amusement games.

diversity design of dodgems
Diversity Design Of Dodgems

customer visit
Customer Visit

Remote Control
Remote Control

Low price steel bumper cars for sale Jinshan 2018

Generally speaking, the designers divide it into two types, including one seat belt and 2 seats belts. Currently, both of them are famous between kids and adults. At the same time, our products are both cheap. New year is coming, Jinshan products are on sale, 100% discount. In addition, we can send you a little Chinese gift which has Chinese ancient features. And then if you buy a lot of products, we can give you a big discount. Don’t hesitate any more, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to become a millionaire.

discount details
Discount Details

ground bumper cars
Ground Bumper Cars

popular steel dashing cars
Popular Steel Dashing Car

Why steel bumper cars for sale is better than getting a rose?

There is no doubt that a rose needs you to spend money to buy. You will get nothing back if the rose is fading. However, the steel bumpers cars for sale can make much money for you. In the early stage, certainly, it costs a lot of money. In terms of business, investment is necessary. No pains, no gains. It is the truth. But latterly, you will make big benefits.

Secondly, a rose can not help you make money, even good feelings. But steel adventure island dodgems can help you make it.

Finally, steel dashing cars will help you make a good relationships with your kids, but a rose can not do that. As we know, dodgem is a kind of family game. If you quarrel with your kids or your wife, maybe this is the best way to reconcile with your families.

Kids Steel Bumper Car Rides
Kids Steel Bumper Car Rides

Inflatable Steel Bumper Car Amusement Rides
Inflatable Steel Bumper Car Amusement Rides

Bumper Car For Sale Bumper Car For Sale[/caption]

What are Jinshan steel bumpers cars for sale core competencies?

First of all, Jinshan TENETS are “survive by good quality, develop by high reputation, quality first, customer supreme”. we are the leading bumper car manufacturer. With 20 years experiences, we are very professional in researching and developing all types of dodgems. On the following days, we will keep in developing all kinds of relative technologies based on your requirements. In a word, Jinshan devotes to develop global markets. Now our products have been recognized by customers in different countries, especially India, USA, African countries. Finally, there are enough steel bumper cars in Jinshan. If you are interested funfair dodgems rides, please email us and we will deliver the products quickly.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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