What is the Jinshan brand coin operated bumper cars for sale?

Nowadays coin operated bumper cars for sale becomes a new attraction around the world. There are a lot of types in Jinshan, but top 3 most popular are outdoor coin operated electric bumper cars on wheels, coin operated kids battery bumper cars in China, bumper car coins for sale shopping mall. Coin system bumper car price are affordable for you. Therefore, it is a kind of commercial bumper kids car operated coins. People can usually use it in shopping malls, playground, zoo, amusement park etc. In a word, many places to ride kiddie bumper cars are easy to find and it can bring big returns to business. It is worthy to invest and run. As a top supplier of coin operated kids ride, our factory has a lot of advantage to make you choose our products.

Kids Bumper Car Rides
Kids Bumper Car Rides

UFO Bumper Car
UFO Bumper Car

Popular UFO Bumper Car for Sale

Bumper car ride technical specification


Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Top three popular bumper car coins for sale Jinshan

Bumper car coins for sale shopping mall

We can use coin operated bumper cars for sale shopping mall in shopping mall which are suitable for kids ( under 5 ). Generally speaking, it is a bright scenery line in your daily life. When you see it, there are always a lot of people playing, maybe sometimes you need to wait in line. Kids love it deeply even play dozens of back and forth without exhaustion. Therefore, it is no doubt that it can be a sunset industry and more amazing, interesting for kiddies.

Outdoor coin operated electric bumper cars on wheels

Outdoor coin operated electric bumper cars are a kind of kiddie bumper cars for sale which we can use it outdoor, like playground, funfair, fairground etc. It is always attracting people’s eyes to ride and play. At the same time, it belongs to mobile children’s amusement rides for sale in Jinshan. It is so easy to control and operate for you whoever you are business or customer that we can play it freely and frequently. We can enjoy happy moments with your kids.

Coin operated kids battery bumper cars in China

Coin operated kids battery bumper cars are popular among kids powered by battery which is 220V. Therefore, it belongs to battery bumper cars too. As we know, every bumper car has a slit which you can put coin into, then it works. In terms of safety, it is very reliable for kids to play and ride. As parents, you can rest assured to let your kids use. This kind of small kiddie rides for sale is the perfect choice for kids. Don’t hesitate now, please contact us as soon as possible.

Mini Electric Bumper Car for Sale

New Type Dog Kids Battery Bumper Car for Sale

Mini Bumper Car For Sale Jinshan
Mini Bumper Car For Sale Jinshan

Compared to others, why Jinshan’s coin operated bumper cars for sale are new attractions?

Coin operated bumper cars for sale belongs to a type of kiddie carnival rides which are classic in carnival kiddie auto ride collectibles historical memorabilia fairs parks & architecture amusement parks. At the same time, funfair amusement park project has imported many bumper car coin from Jinshan platform for sale for kiddie rides for its convenience. Then the material of bumper kids car operated coins are no pollution to the environment, which is made from glass fiber reinforced plastics. This is the greatest advantage on Jinshan’s products. Finally, there are a lot of types on sale, such as ice cream bumper cars, cake dashing cars, Thomas dodging cars and so on.

Amusement Park Kids Battery Power Bumper Car for Sale
Amusement Park Kids Battery Bumper Car

Funfair kids Bumper Cars for Sale

Tiger Kids Bumper car for Sale

What features of coin operated attractions bumper car are specially designed for children  (under 6 ) in Jinshan?

There are all kinds of coin operated dodgems for kids (under 6). However, what features does it need?

Unique and interesting start mode available for kids and businessmen

Coin operated bumper car is famous for its unique start mode. It is different from electric dodgems. The electric dodgem has an independent electrical control box. And all the control buttons are on the box for the operator to control the device. On the contrary, coin operated kiddie bumper cars for passengers just need to put the coin into the machine, then the device will start working. Therefore, kids like it so much like for real master of device.

Magical equipment that saves labor and easy to install and maintain

Coin operated electric bumper cars for sale is also very famous for the investors. Because it doesn’t need the operator keep staying at the front of the device. The passengers can start the machine by themselves, so we can say it can save labor. That is also why the coin operated carousel so popular among investors. On the other hand, for its small size, it is very easy to install and maintain. And it is also very easy to remove from one place to another place.

Wide range of applications

It has a wider range of application for its small size. Both indoor and outdoor are suitable for installing coin operated rides, such as supermarkets, plazas, shopping centers, communities, playgrounds, parks, even zoos, etc. In terms of the site, it is so far-reaching to be used, like grass land, flat ground. It is worthy to invest for businessmen in 2019.

Hot Sale Kids Thomas Bumper Car

Sheep Kids Bumper Car for Sale
Sheep Kids Bumper Car for Sale

Top Mini Indoor Bumper Car Jinshan

What’s the price of Jinshan coin operated bumper cars for sale 2019?

There are big news in our factory in 2019. All of our products is on sale. At the same time, we will hold bumper cars for sale for show in this year. And you will see new attractions to catch your eyes, especially bumper car coins for sale which will become our featured product. In addition,we will provide you with list of games needed for amusement game park and price list for amusement park ride timely. If you purchase on site, the discount is greater. On the other hand, everyone wants to start business, but how to begin a kiddie playground business? On the site, the professional staff will help you to make a plan and account for cost and profits. If not , please email us for details and accurate coin system bumper car price. Please catch this chance in 2019.

Kids Indoor Bumper Car for Sale 2018

floating bumper boat for sale
Floating Bumper Boat For Sale

New Funny Battery Bumper Cars 2019
New Funny Battery Bumper Cars 2019

To choose best coin operated bumper car manufactures, what quality of Jinshan manufacturer you should to pay more attentions?

Obviously, the list of kiddie rides manufacturers is a lot. But as a high quality coin operated bumper car manufacture, Jinshan is top amusement park ride machines manufacturers in China. It is no doubt that is why most investors to choose our factory.

  • Professional amusement rides manufacturer We, Jinshan, is a professional carousel manufacturer with 15 years experiences. Our company is specialized in the research, design, production and sale professional amusement equipment.
  • Complete related certificate Our company has completely related certificates, and all our products are according to under national amusement machinery manufacture quality standards.
  • Excellent production design team We have a number of excellent R&D personal and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad.
  • Competitive price All our products are all sold at factory price, therefore, our products are more competitively priced. At the same price, Jinshan products are of higher quality. That is to say we can provide you with the most cost-effective amusement equipment.
  • Novel design and attractive appearance All our products are very beautiful in exterior. Our products can always be the most eye-catching ones among so many amusement equipment.
  • Special customized service Except complete specifications, we can also customize special orders according to your requirements.
  • High quality spray paint We have strict requirements for the painting of all amusement equipment, and the quality is the same as that of automotive paint. Therefore, the appearance of the product is more vivid and bright. And not afraid of the erosion of the sun.

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