Mini Bumper Cars for Sale

How about a carnival about mini bumper cars for sale on weekends? Are you ready? Bring your mini bumper cars and have fun. If you are happy, please come and play with your friends.

Mini Electric Bumper Car for Sale

Playground Kids Dodgems 2019
Playground Kids Dodgems 2019

UFO Playground Dodgems For Sale
UFO Playground Dodgems For Sale

Mini bumper cars for sale

Mini electric kids battery-powered dashing cars can be defined according to the size of the bumper car in Dinis. It is a special kind of dodgem rides, like the small kiddie dashing car. Mini bumper cars for sale are safe and easy to operate freely mini bumper cars for sale are suitable for kids. Small bumper cars for sale are equipped with advanced audio system and colorful LED lights. Generally speaking this kind of dashing car can be used in the amusement park, garden, funfair, playground and so on. Their images are form different animals and cartoon, like pig, snail, UFO, Thomas etc. For different appearance it is not only keen on by kids, but also popular with investors.

Mini Bumper Car for sale Dinis

Funfair UFO Dodgems
Funfair UFO Dodgems

Playground UFO Dodgems
Playground UFO Dodgems



Specification above is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Top 3 types mini bumper cars for sale in Dinis

Inflatable small kids bumper car for sale

Inflatable mini bumper car is loved by kids and children for its unique color and appearance. It is different from others. It is small size with a rubber ring. In terms of safety, this kind of can protect you out of danger easily.

Dodgem shining UFO bumper car for amusement fun

Mini UFO dashing car is a kind of special design. It is based on the appearance like an UFO. Therefore, when you ride it can be satisfied with you all imaginations about space. All people is fond of its mysterious and amazing appearance.

Short introduction about cake bumper car

Do you like cake? What kind of cake do you like? Here you will see different kinds of cake. Definitely, you can ride with your friends. Here it belongs to a kind of mini bumper car for toddle. They are loved by kids deeply. At the same time, there are antithetic cake bumper cars. Do you want to find a cute bumper car for kids? Welcome to Dinis.

Dinis Mini Snail Bumber Car 2018

Sheep Kids Bumper Car for Sale
Sheep Kids Bumper Car for Sale

New Type Dog Kids Battery Bumper Car for Sale

Unique advantages of bumper cars for sale mini in different places

Mini bumper cars for sale can be divided into various types. However, in terms of site, mini electric bumper car is easy to ride on the flat ground. But different places have individual advantages.

Indoor small battery bumper car for toddler fun

Indoor mini operated bumper car is a classic dodging car. You can ride it anytime and anywhere, even though it is bad weather. As long as you are here, mini bumper car for sale is waiting for you. Here let you keep your eye on the play. Do not think about safety. Meanwhile, it is a kind of battery operated mini kids bumper car which are powered by battery. Mini bumper car & rides are famous around the world. If you need one, please email us for details and price.

Outdoor mini electric bumper cars for sale

Outdoor mini battery dodgems for sale can make you decide where you are going easily. But sometimes you have to give it up when battery is no charge or the heavy weather. Other than those, safety needs you to think about more.

amusement park mini electric bumper car

Amusement park mini electric bumper car belongs to a kind of mini bumper car for kids. Now the size and shape is so small in amusement park but unique which appeals to a lot of people to play rides. For businessmen, it is an big industry with great potential and can bring more profits to you. Do you want to buy them as a tool to make money. Please tell us as quickly as possible. Hope you find your own business.

Mini Snail Bumper Car for Sale Dinis

Playground Bumper Cars
Playground Bumper Cars

Kids Backyard Dodgems
Kids Backyard Dodgems

How to drive Dinis brand mini bumper cars for sale?

As we know, there are a lot of electronic mini bumper cars in China’s market. But there is still a question that is how to drive a small Dinis brand bumper car.

Firstly, fasten the seat belt. When you receive the start signal, hit the switch in your right foot. Then turn the steering wheel, mini bumper cars for sale works. You can bumper your friends and opponents in all directions. Kids dodging car can not move after bumping, you should turn the steering wheel in large range. Finally after your right foot leaves the switch, it does not work. Follow the instruction, enjoy yourself.

Mini Bumper Cars for Sale Dinis 2018

Kids Battery Bumper Cars
Kids Battery Bumper Cars

Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale
Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale

Attentions of driving mini bumper cars for sale in Dinis

  • The sick, the mental, and the drunkenness have no permission.
  • Children under 12 and 1.4 meters should ride with adults.
  • Fasten seat belt before start. Hold the wheel when you are driving. Here you can not to eat anything for kids when you are driving. For adults you can not smoke when you are riding.
  • Don’t leave the seat when it is working.
  • Leave the mini bumper cars for sale after the stop signal is ringing. Check your belongings before leaving to make sure everything is taken.

Mini Bumper car for sale

Kids Battery Bumper Cars 2019
Kids Battery Bumper Cars 2019

New Amazing Drift Dodgems For Sale 2019
New Amazing Drift Dodgems For Sale 2019

How to choose the site area of mini bumper cars for sale?

The site area of mini bumper cars for sale is based on your fund. Meanwhile you should take human traffic condition into consideration. Generally speaking, it is suitable enough to use an area of 150-300 square meters to run business. At the same time, it is enough to equip 10-15 bumper cars. So people can play them at large enough place to have fun. If the site size is so small, people will lose their interest to ride. Because they have no room to bump others. So it is important to choose a suitable place. In a word, different site area you should put different numbers of cars. But the most important thing is your capital investment.

Mini UFO Bumper Battery Car for Sale Dinis

Kids Bumper Car Rides
Kids Bumper Car Rides

New Spin Zone Bumper Car Dinis For Sale

Bring big profits about mini bumper cars for sale

The size of site area is so important that mini bumper cars for sale can increase your income. For example, there is a place with an area of 150 square meters. You can put 10 small dodging cars to use. Then you will get 100 dollars. If you increase the size of site, you can earn more. But we have to think about charge standard. It is the key to make money.

Charging standard of portable dodging cars can have different forms. According to your opinion, you can charge in 10 minutes or 5 circles. Which one is the best for you? Different rules can charge at different price. It is on you. If you have more custom, you will earn more money. According to those rules, mini battery bumper car can be used continually in a day. Dodgem bumper cars for sale can bring big profits for you. Don’t hesitate, please call for details.

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