Electric Dodgems

Electric dodgems are popular around the world. Meanwhile people can call them electric bumper cars. As we know, there are all kinds of dashing cars to sale in Jinshan 2019. currently Jinshan dashing cars can be divided into several types, 3 types are the best sale products around the world. People can use them in amusement park, theme park, seaside, zoo, playground etc.

Diversity Design Of Dodgems
Diversity Design Of Dodgems

vintage battery bumper cars
Vintage Battery Bumper Cars

Carnival Laser Tag Bumper Car with Battery for Sale
Carnival Laser Tag Dodgems With Battery Sale

Bumper car ride technical specification


Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-Fi Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150W/350W/500W Control: Battery/Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V/380V/DC48V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Bumper Car Videos

Top sale 3 electric dodgems Jinshan 2019

Generally speaking, there are three types dodgem rides for sale in Jinshan, ground bumper cars, ceiling dashing cars, battery dodgems.

Ceiling electric dodgems for sale

Ceiling dashing cars are a kind of dodgems. They work by a power grid. Meanwhile people use the steering wheel of motor vehicles to install electric dodgem. The steering wheel are more reliable performance and flexible control. In addition to HI-FI stereo type tail design and the seat is more available with automobile seat.

Battery dodgems for sale

Nowadays battery bumper cars are the best popular around the world. They are easy to control and easy to run this kind of business. Then the requirement of site is simple to adapt to various ground, such as floor tile, cement floor etc. Finally, there are two ways to start a bumper car ( remote control and key ), whether you choose how many sets cars, you can control them easily.

Ground bumper cars

This kind of ground bumper cars are more and more popular around the world. People can use them in outdoors and indoors. It is exciting than others, it can increase adventure feeling and you can get more interests.

Floor-Grid Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

ice bumper car for sale 2019
Ice Bumper Cars For Sale 2019

Top Battery Bumper Cars
Top Battery Bumper Cars

How to install electric floor dodgems?

Firstly, a suitable site of electric floor dodgems for kids is necessary. You should make the floor flat and harden the site with concrete. Then, put the spread the steel plate over the wooden keel, and fix with the Self-tapping. And put the insulting strip in the middle of the wooden keel. When you install them, something you need to pay attention. Each row of steel plates need separated with the yellow strip. The steam between each row of steel plates is welded using a welder, each seam just need welding 3 segments about 4 cm.

Secondly, the surrounding anti-collision wall is support by 8*8cm square tube, the bracing is welded on steel plate, each two bracing must be separated by a row of steel plates.

Finally, input line for control cabinet is 380V three-phase four-wire, wires should be the copper wire with more than 16mm Multiple shares. Output voltage is 48V. There are 2 wires come out from control box, they are connect with the 2 steel plate which close to the control box ( one is Positive, another is Negative); About other wire connection, odd number connect together with the wire, even connect together.( details as following pictures)

Anti-Collision Wall
Anti-Collision Wall

Installing Ways
Installing Ways

COF Bumper Cars Installing
COF Bumper Cars Installing

How dodgem ride for sale make me a better person?

Electric dodgem rides can have different function in people’s life. Do not think that all games are bad for adults and kids. However, it can have a lot of advantages on people’s health. At the same time, it can make people to be a better person. There are three aspects to make you understand that clearly.

Firstly, Electric dodgems are amusement equipment to make people happy and excited in life. By this way, they can make you have a positive attitude towards life and have a bright future.

Secondly, there are a various of electric dashing cars in Jinshan. Those of electric dodgems have different appearances. According to this way, your aesthetic ability can be improved. why you chose this kind, not this? For kids, it can help them to describe things using their own language. And increase their interests to find new novelty.

Finally, by this activity, kids can use their limbs to play electric dodgems. And help them exercise their coordinated ability and keep good health.. Therefore, their limbs are easy to control and flexible to do somethings.

Inflatable Bumper Car Amusement Rides
Inflatable Bumper Car Amusement Rides

Bumper Car For Sale
Bumper Car For Sale

Kids Bumper Car Rides
Kids Bumper Car Rides

Why Jinshan dodgem ride for sales are the new black horse in 2019?

Over the development of economic, people want to pursuit high quality live. People trend to play this kind of amusement activity. Nowadays Jinshan Amusement Equipment Company has a big brand in China. Meanwhile, according to the survey, our company’s products occupies a large market share in China. On forthcoming Chinese’s Spring Festival 2019, our total export will reach 20 millions USD. In 2019, our goal will go up to 50 millions USD. It is no doubt that Jinshan is a new black horse in 2019 for our professional technique and sales staff. Further more, if you are a businessman, you can be a new black horse in the rich. At the same time, dodging cars in Jinshan are very portable, you can ride them to anywhere.

The market survey says that amusement is not only a sunrise industry, but also a new black horse in booming industry. Whatever the industry is at home and abroad, the products of Jinshan company will meet your needs and increase your returns. On the other hand, people want to get more fun from friends, families, dogs, even amusement equipment. Bumper cars will be the best choice for adults and kids. Therefore, Jinshan electric dodgem will become a new black horse.

Colorful Dodgems For Sale 2019
Colorful Dodgems For Sale 2019

Amazing Vintage portable bumper car for sale 2019

Motorized Indoor Transformers Bumper Car For Sale

How to succeed in electric dodgem ride for sale?

Zhengzhou Jinshan is specialized in the research, design, production and sale of professional amusement equipment. Under the support if a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity. There are a lot of classic successful cases about electric dodgem in Jinshan.

American UFO case

In May, 2018, an American customer has purchased our 12 2-seat UFO bumper cars. Until now he has made a lot of money. And he said our company products are best quality and cost-effectively. Customers in his site are more happy to play UFO bumper cars.

The Republic of Peru ground bumper car case

In October, 2018, our sales manager have sold ground bumper cars for a customer in Peru.He likes our products very well. He says he looks forward to cooperation again.

Customers From Kazakhstan
Customers From Kazakhstan

custom floor dodgem ride for sale
Custom Floor Dodgem Ride For Sale

Customer feedback
Customer Feedback

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